Time to Lock Up and Throw Away The Key? – How to keep your office secure post-lockdown

Time to Lock Up and Throw Away The Key? – How to keep your office secure post-lockdown

The good news is that the COVID-19 Pandemic is retreating in the UK, and as the national lockdown eases, we are preparing to get back to work and back into our offices up and down the country.

The bad news? Rates of theft and burglary in commercial premises are as bad as they’ve ever been, especially in London, with in excess of 15,000 burglaries of business properties each year in the capital alone.

As many offices are un-mothballed and brought back to life, thieves will be tempted by the return of expensive hardware and regular comings and goings to hide their illicit activity.

What can be done?

On the bright side, there are some fundamental steps you can take to make your office space more secure and reduce the likelihood that your business will suffer. Now is the time to invest in systems of access control that match the complexity of the modern workplace, with digital key fobs, swipe cards, fingerprint ID and even retina scans providing greater security assurance than any traditional methods.

Keys are so 20th-Century

The humble lock and key has been around for centuries, but this barrier of physical security has never been a true deterrent to the ambitious thief.

What’s worse, the fallibility of keys means that if one set is lost, your whole operation can be delayed or scuppered until the locksmith is on hand to rescue you and regain access to your premises.

It’s high time we threw away the humble key and embraced the significant advantages of digital access control systems

What are Access Control Systems?

Many security installation companies offer a wide range of modern methods to help improve the security of your office space, from intruder alarms to door entry systems and CCTV. Access Control, however, is the most advanced system available to most commercial businesses. Read more here.

You can easily manage exactly who can enter the property, at what time and in which specific areas using verifiable traceable digital key systems. If anyone enters a secure area, their movements are tracked, making security of property immediately accountable.

Perfect for a post-COVID world

As well as reducing the threat of burglary, in an age where we all worry about the lingering threat of COVID-19 in a busy workplace, Access Control Systems allow your staff access to everywhere they need to be in the office, completely hands-free. This helps minimise the potential for virus transmission. Managing offices through access control systems can help any organisation manage the flow of people to best ensure that employees are protected.

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